DataLad cheatsheet

Installing a dataset

datalad install [-h] [-s SOURCE] [-d DATASET] [-g] [-D DESCRIPTION] [-r] [-R LEVELS] [--reckless [auto|ephemeral|shared-...]] [-J NJOBS] [PATH [PATH ...]]


datalad install -r

Note: some datasets might have additional installation instructions!

More: datalad install

Getting data

datalad get [-h] [-s LABEL] [-d PATH] [-r] [-R LEVELS] [-n] [-D DESCRIPTION] [--reckless [auto|ephemeral|shared-...]] [-J NJOBS] [PATH [PATH ...]]


datalad get annotations/vtc

More: datalad get

Getting updates

datalad update --merge

More: datalad update

Saving changes

datalad save [-h] [-m MESSAGE] [-d DATASET] [-t ID] [-r] [-R LEVELS] [-u] [-F MESSAGE_FILE] [--to-git] [-J NJOBS] [PATH [PATH ...]]


datalad save metadata/children.csv -m "correcting children metadata"

datalad save is analoguous to doing git add+git commit. It will decide automatically whether to store the files in git or in the annex.

Note: datalad save records the changes locally. They still have to be pulished - just like with git commit !

More: datalad save

Publishing changes

datalad push [-h] [-d DATASET] [--to SIBLING] [--since SINCE] [--data {anything|nothing|auto|auto-if-wanted}] [-f {all|gitpush|checkdatapresent}] [-r] [-R LEVELS] [-J NJOBS] [PATH [PATH ...]]


datalad push

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